Cecilia Navia’s secret to lose weight quickly and healthily

Cecilia Navias secret to lose weight quickly and healthily

Cecilia Naviaalso known as Chichila, is famous for the large number of works she did as an actress and, moreover, for something that has nothing to do with her artistic vocation. It’s about her ability to lose weight naturallyand then we will tell you what its main keys to lose weight. Do not miss the … Read more

To lose weight quickly at home without a gym, 15 minutes and 3 killer exercises a day are enough and we will have steel buttocks and toned legs

Losing weight is seen by many as a mission impossible. Even when the goal is to shed a few extra pounds, a bad lifestyle can make it difficult to achieve it. According to nutritionists, excessive or unbalanced nutrition is the first cause of this failure, but it is also the key to overcoming it. However, … Read more

Here is the best diet to lose weight: all about its health benefits

Today, we give you all the necessary explanations before starting the Paleo diet. Benefits, effects, we tell you everything! Better understand the Paleo diet As strange as it may seem, the name of this technique comes from a pivotal period in the past. And to fully understand it, you have to go back to prehistory. … Read more

Obesity: drug developed that makes you lose over 20 kilos »Science News

Obesity drug developed that makes you lose over 20 kilos

For experts it could represent a possible breakthrough in the treatment of overweight. An investigational drug, in clinical study, for its effects on body weight in obese and overweight people produced record weight loss on test participants, ‘‘comparable to surgery’‘explains the company that made the drug. Tirzepatide, developed by the American pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly … Read more

Lose weight after 40: here’s how not to gain a gram during pre-menopause – Grazia

After 40, when the first signs of menopause begin to appear, it becomes easier and easier to gain weight, but more and more difficult to lose it. What impact confidence and self-esteem, but also potentially play on health and physical fitness which decreases as the years go by. If it is necessary to review the … Read more

Raúl González reveals his secret to lose weight after extreme weight loss: “I beat the overweight”

Raul Gonzalez reveals his secret to lose weight after

The Venezuelan presenter, Raul Gonzalez, talked to the newspaper The opinion and told how he lost weight with his secret RG formula, a technique that he has promoted several times on the Univision program, Despierta América, where he is always present. “I beat the overweight, I’m here so that together we can do it,” he … Read more