Critical thinking. The IMF and the history of subordination in the Latin American and Caribbean region – Latin American Summary

Critical thinking The IMF and the history of subordination in

By Julio Gambina*, Latin American Summary, May 14, 2022. Argentina is at the center of attention and debate due to the agreement recently signed with the IMF and which is projected towards 2034. An agreement that attempts to legalize the origin of a questionable loan from various angles (45 billion dollars disbursed) and granted in … Read more

Russia’s war in Ukraine is rocking Europe’s economy, IMF says

1650436577 Russias war in Ukraine is rocking Europes economy IMF says

The shock wave of the war in Ukraine is spreading all over the planet. Nearly two months after the outbreak of the conflict, the indicators turn red one after the other. After the World Bank on Monday and the OECD a few weeks ago, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) revised its forecast for global economic … Read more