Faenza. The cycle dedicated to poetry starts again with Alessandro Brusa. Opening with ‘The love of wolves’.

Poetry Faenza 2

FAENZA. It will restart with the poet Alessandro Brusa the cycle of events dedicated to poetry by theassociation of Faenza Independent Poetry, Wednesday 6 April at 21.00in circolo Prometheus of Faenza.
The opening night will be dedicated to ‘The love of wolves’ the author’s most recent publication released for Giulio Perrone Publisher in 2021: a powerful songbook in which the private sphere is elevated to a common word, precisely because of the universality of the subject dealt with.
The compact collection of texts crosses love in all its forms: between impulses of approach and distancing, of conquest and loss, sexuality goes on stage without scandals, just as much as the tenderness of each embrace, or the depth of a thought. It will introduce the evening Luca Bombonati, presentation by Rossella Renzi.

Saturday 7 May at 18 to bottega Bertaccini of Faenzathe review will continue with the presentation of ‘Live in the word. The tombs of the poets of Romagna
book written by the poet and playwright Nevio Spadoni and by the teacher Fabio Pagani (The publisher spinning wheel2021).

The volume develops a path on the theme of death, alongside the texts of thirty Romagna authors of Twentieth century the photographs of their tombs, in an ideal journey that takes the reader from Bologna to Rimini. The anthology also conducts a temporal journey, as well as a geographical one, from Giovanni Pascoli as far as Giovanni Nadianicrossing the production of authors such as: Renato Serra, Dino Campana, Ferruccio Benzoni, Nino Pedretti, Raffaello Baldini, Tonino Guerra, Elio Pagliarani and many others.

Presents the evening, in dialogue with the authors of the work, Monica Guerra.

Friday 20 May at 18, at Manfrediana Library Of Faenza, the poet Stefano Simoncelli will present his recent work ‘Under a false name ‘ (PeQuod, 2022). The absent, always protagonists of the verses of Simoncellireturn with grace and naturalness to thin the veil that separates the dimensions, to mix the universes of death and life, presence and absence, memory and dream.
The weight of each loss bends the gaze, the dawn shrinks and ritually delivers to the author and to the reader the daily wound of separation, but it is the outbursts of sudden grace that blur the boundaries between the islands of hypothetical dementia and caresses. of the dead. It is in this mixture, with the simplicity of the things that concern the Whole, that we access the universe of the poet where memory and silence have absorbed a large part of existence, where dialogue is left to disused objects, to the good voice of the dead.

Friday 10th June at 18, at Manfrediana Library Of Faenza, the poet and journalist Michele Donati will present his debut work ‘The new landscape’ released for Alley publisher in 2021, with a preface by the Venetian poet Francesco Sassetto.
The places of the Romagna from Faenza, lands in which the author has his memory and roots, are the protagonists of these verses: emblems of the transformation perpetrated by man on nature in the name of the logic of profit and a misunderstood progress, but also places of the soul from which a restart is – or should be – possible. The urgency of another language, the bearer of a renewed sense of the sacred – as much linked to the places as to the human beings who populate them – becomes a stimulus for the conscience and a possible direction to get out of the stalemate in which contemporaneity seems stuck. Re-establishing long-term perspectives and going beyond the numerical logic of exploitation are viable, but above all essential, paths.

They will follow Friday 8 July And Saturday 9 lJuly some workshop meetings on verse writing, reserved for members only, for further information: indep.poetrygmail.com – www.independentpoetry.org

For restrictions Covid each meeting will be managed according to the regulations in force, booking recommended by email, subject to availability.

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Faenza. The cycle dedicated to poetry starts again with Alessandro Brusa. Opening with ‘The love of wolves’.

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