Excluded. “Everyone warned me”: Cédric talks about his difficult break with Océane after the filming of the Marseillais in Mexico

May 13, The Marseillais in Mexico bow out after three months of broadcast on W9. Among the outsiders, adored by the public, we find Cédric, who agreed to answer questions from Télé 2 Semaines.

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A big teddy bear with a tender heart. Shortly after the start of the Marseillais in Mexico, a program broadcast since February 21 on W9, Cedric, a long-time friend of Paga and Greg, joined the adventure in Puerta Vallarta, Mexico. Quickly, the big fellow from Fos-sur-Mer stood out for his devastating smile, his complicit relationship with his comrades but also his tumultuous love affair with Océane El Himer. After a month of filming, the 30-year-old Marseillais, who recently revealed his impressive weight loss, finally joined his favorite city to take care of his bar, his main activity. Between two nightclub bookings in the four corners of France and his professional appointments which accumulate, Cédric has agreed to answer questions from Télé 2 weeks.

Cédric, the new favorite of the Marseille gang

How are you doing ?

I am very well thank you ! I had a complicated evening (note: the day before, Cédric forgot his keys at Cynthia’s, another Marseillaise residing in Monaco). Since I was little, I’ve been head in the air. I lose my credit card, my keys… it’s carnage. Of course there is a lot of fatigue. I have a very busy lifestyle. I have the bookings, my bar… I don’t sleep much. But it’s okay, I’ve always worked 7 days a week. I’ve always had a life at 100 an hour. But here, it’s tough!

How did you feel watching the last episode of the Marseillais in Mexico?

Honestly, it really got to me. This show was a first for me, I enjoyed myself, I had a great adventure. I’m disgusted to know that it’s over! It really does something. I lived the last episodes as if I were still there. When we packed our bags, saw the empty house… It’s really something. I did not expect to experience such emotions. I thought I had experienced everything at 30, but what I experienced there was extraordinary.

“It’s very difficult for me to see myself on screen”

What do you think of the image you gave of yourself on the show?

I like it, it’s me, I didn’t cheat. I’m a simple person, I’m like that in real life. I am happy with the reception of people. The only downside is my weight. I am a former obese, I lost a lot of weight and seeing myself as big as this was difficult. I have trouble seeing myself on screen, I gained 8 kg there, I kept eating. That was hard. It’s very difficult for me to see myself on screen. That’s the only thing that bothered me.

How do you explain the public’s enthusiasm for your personality?

The problem today is that some candidates know the codes and in the end, everyone is a bit alike. And that’s what doesn’t work. It is necessary to come by remaining oneself, to make the adventure by forgetting the cameras. You have to stay natural and not think about what you’re going to do, or schedule arguments. This year, we were all in the same state of mind, we were a real family and it felt, I think. We stayed authentic.

“I thought I understood her but I was wrong about her”

Why did you agree to take part in this adventure?

Paga always told me that I was made for this. Ever since I’ve known him, he’s been telling me that. But at the time, I was in a relationship so I did not think about it, it was not possible. And when I separated, I spent two years with Paga, living with him every day, we slept together, we lived together… And he told me about that again. For him, I had the perfect TV personality. He introduced me to a few people and I said to myself: Come on!

You end up in a relationship with Océane… And then finally, nothing. What happened ?

We were really well into the adventure, I had real feelings for her and when we went out, everyone went home, there were the end-of-year celebrations and one thing leading to another… We fell in love with each other. distant. It killed our story. I was 100% honest but I don’t know if she was. Maybe we didn’t have the same intentions. I may have been blinded, yet everyone had warned me. We told me : “Océane, she is complicated. When she returns to Dubai, it will be another life etc. When it came out, everyone was right. She resumed her life. But it hurt me, it was a disappointment. I had complicated relationships, I no longer believed in love and I had real feelings, I was really attached to her. I thought I understood her but I was wrong about her. I’m disappointed to have opened my heart for nothing.

Are you in a relationship today?

No, clearly it turned me off. I am not closed to love but I do not seek. It’s not my priority.

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Excluded. “Everyone warned me”: Cédric talks about his difficult break with Océane after the filming of the Marseillais in Mexico

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