#ZNDayNealAdams – Batman: La Saga de Ra’s Al Ghul

ZNDayNealAdams – Batman La Saga de Ras Al Ghul

Edición original: Batman núms. 232, 235, 240, 242-244 USA, DC Special Series núm. 15, Detective Comics núms. 411, 485, 489-490 USA (DC Comics, 1971 – 1980)Edición nacional/España: ECC Ediciones (DC Comics, 2022)Guion: Dennis O’Neil.Dibujo: Bob Brown, Don Newton, Irv Novick, Michael Golden y Neal Adams.Formato: Cartoné, 232 páginas. 28€ Introducción: Ra’s Al Ghul, el Villano … Read more

Jessica (Les 12 coups de midi): her shocking revelations about her illness

Jean-Luc Reichmann delights TF1 viewers every day by presenting his famous program “Les 12 coups de midi”. Every lunchtime, he welcomes new candidates who have come from afar to take part in the game. The moderator’s little tradition is to familiarize himself with the candidates and learn more about them. On May 16, 2022, the … Read more

Morbid obesity: BMI, consequences, treatment

Obesity is a multi-factorial adipose tissue disease, characterized by excessive accumulation of fat. The World Health Organization (WHO) has recognized it as a chronic disease since 1997. In France, it is still recognized – and treated – as a long-term condition (ALD). However, its impact is increasingly resounding: it affects nearly 8 million French people … Read more

Trauma e corpo: integrare le tecniche verbali con quelle corporee

Se i fattori ambientali possono essere descritti come “un’erosione” continua, i traumi non elaborati, incidono con l’effetto di una valanga, alterando in modo significativo la struttura somatica, cerebrale, cognitiva, comportamentale, emotiva e relazionale.   Abstract Messaggio pubblicitario La presente trattazione argomenta sul tema del trauma nelle sue molteplici complessità. Complessità che nascono dal riconoscimento diagnostico … Read more

Le programme du SNJ pour l’information et le journalisme

Pour un statut juridique des rédactions L’accélération des mouvements de capitaux dans les médias écrits et audiovisuels, privés ou publics (concentration, émiettement du capital, participations croisées, rachat par des fonds d’investissement) fragilise l’indépendance des journalistes et la crédibilité des médias. Drahi, Niel, Arnault, Kretinsky, Dassault, Tapie, Hersant… l’histoire regorge des histoires de ces industriels milliardaires … Read more

Negative European stock exchanges together with Milan. Positive Generals

Negative European stock exchanges together with Milan Positive Generals

(Teleborsa) – Negative session for Piazza Affari, which trades in sharp decline, in agreement with the other continental lists, which suffer substantial losses. To weigh on the markets is the thud of Wall Street, weighed down by the negative quarterly results of the retail giants such as Target And Walmart, which increase concerns about the … Read more

What foods should you not eat before training to avoid heaviness and perform in the gym? | Health | Magazine

What foods should you not eat before training to avoid

The body requires fuel when going to the gym or performing any other physical exercise that demands intensity. That is the key to getting results. However, sweets, junk food, flour, refined sugar or alcohol are not recommended foods before training. But not all healthy and recommended foods in the nutrition plan can be eaten before … Read more

Grano duro, i mercati americani in attesa della pioggia

I mercati internazionali del grano duro pastificabile nell’ultima settimana sono stati estremamente volatili e nervosi: il problema della siccità inizia ad incidere sulle semine – il grano duro in Nord America è coltivato a ciclo breve primaverile estivo – e i prezzi all’origine e all’ingrosso in Canada sono in netta ripresa, anche se starebbero per perdere … Read more

“I wanted to talk to the public about it”: Marghe, winner of The Voice 2021 weighs heavily on the TF1 show

In May 2021, Marghe won season 10 of the famous show “The Voice” in front of 5.4 million viewers. This victory allowed the young woman, passionate about music, to sign with Universal Music and release his first single. Real name Margherita Davico’s life has changed since winning the trophy. She also came back to this … Read more