Cecilia Navia’s secret to lose weight quickly and healthily

Cecilia Navias secret to lose weight quickly and healthily

Cecilia Naviaalso known as Chichila, is famous for the large number of works she did as an actress and, moreover, for something that has nothing to do with her artistic vocation. It’s about her ability to lose weight naturallyand then we will tell you what its main keys to lose weight. Do not miss the … Read more

What foods should you not eat before training to avoid heaviness and perform in the gym? | Health | Magazine

What foods should you not eat before training to avoid

The body requires fuel when going to the gym or performing any other physical exercise that demands intensity. That is the key to getting results. However, sweets, junk food, flour, refined sugar or alcohol are not recommended foods before training. But not all healthy and recommended foods in the nutrition plan can be eaten before … Read more

The story of Rebel Wilson in Hollywood before and after losing weight deserves reflection

The story of Rebel Wilson in Hollywood before and after

After earnestly seeking to improve their health and eating habits, rebel wilson It has given a major makeover in recent years. Since she announced her intentions in 2020, the actress of Giving the note either JojoRabbit has lost more than 30 kilos and shows an almost unrecognizable appearance, being a case that is showing us … Read more

Transformation at 42 years old: this is how I lost 7 kilos and got abs in 12 weeks

1652814078 Transformation at 42 years old this is how I lost

Actor Haydn Holden, 42, shares the simple diet changes that helped fuel his transformation 18 weeks. Diet to lose belly in a few days and have abs: daily menu. The military diet of only three days to lose weight and burn fat. I have always been an active person and I have always been a … Read more

Woman Who Delayed Her Wedding Reveals She Had To Buy A New Dress To Get Married After Losing 11

A mother who delayed her wedding for two years due to the covid pandemic has revealed she was forced to buy a new dress after shedding her excess weight with surgery ahead of her big day. Melissa Williams, 27, from Bridgend, South Wales, was 25lbs 4lbs and a size 30 when she originally bought the … Read more

Raúl González reveals his secret to lose weight after extreme weight loss: “I beat the overweight”

Raul Gonzalez reveals his secret to lose weight after

The Venezuelan presenter, Raul Gonzalez, talked to the newspaper The opinion and told how he lost weight with his secret RG formula, a technique that he has promoted several times on the Univision program, Despierta América, where he is always present. “I beat the overweight, I’m here so that together we can do it,” he … Read more

Natalia Paris: everything you need to know about the shake to lose weight

The Colombian model and businesswoman, Natalia Paris recommended her followers a recipe to lose weight using only two foods: radish and tree tomato. In the video published on TikTok, the model recommends drinking this juice on an empty stomach for only one week to lose fat, and also recommends consulting a doctor before starting this … Read more

The jean that no longer fits us: incentive to lose weight or source of frustration?

The jean that no longer fits us incentive to lose

Donating clothes that we value is not easy. In the midst of the numerous cleanings to which we subject the wardrobe from time to time, it may be that those garments that in a moment they stayed with us but they no longer fit us, they are difficult to “let go”. In fact, not so … Read more