“It was horrible and disgusting”: Rebel Wilson reveals being harassed by an actor

On the comedy poster Senior Year on Netflix, Rebel Wilson returned during an interview to a painful episode from her past, which almost destroyed her and ruined her career. The continuation under this advertisement Rebel Wilson made a big splash on Netflix in comedy Senior Year. where she shares the bill with the star of … Read more

Morbid obesity: BMI, consequences, treatment

Obesity is a multi-factorial adipose tissue disease, characterized by excessive accumulation of fat. The World Health Organization (WHO) has recognized it as a chronic disease since 1997. In France, it is still recognized – and treated – as a long-term condition (ALD). However, its impact is increasingly resounding: it affects nearly 8 million French people … Read more

Vallée du Rhône. Poids lourd couché sur l’A7: une très longue nuit pour les automobilistes coincés

Vallee du Rhone Poids lourd couche sur lA7 une tres

Ce qu’il fallait retenir Ce mercredi 18 mai, un accident est survenu, aux alentours de 11 h 40, sur l’autoroute A7 à hauteur de la commune de Chasse-sur-Rhône. La circulation est coupée, dans les deux sens. Un poids lourd transportant des matières dangereuses s’est couché sur la chaussée, obligeant à couper la circulation. Contrairement à ce qui … Read more

A new device from Lidl to clean your home for less than 20 euros! very convenient.

A new device from Lidl to clean your home for

German supermarket company Lidl has come up with a new product that makes cleaning stains easier! The steam cleaner. In the 1980s, a new device, called a steamer, began to be used to clean homes. This product has become more and more popular and today Lidl offers it to help you leave your home spotless. … Read more

To keep your weight in the long term, avoid slimming diets!

To keep your weight in the long term avoid slimming

With the arrival of fine weather, it is not uncommon for us to embark on a slimming diet to lose weight. Low-calorie diet, high protein, ketogenic, intermittent fasting… there are a multitude of slimming diets promising to maintain a healthy weight or lose weight. Who hasn’t tried to lose weight or avoid gaining it? But, … Read more

Lose weight after 40: here’s how not to gain a gram during pre-menopause – Grazia

After 40, when the first signs of menopause begin to appear, it becomes easier and easier to gain weight, but more and more difficult to lose it. What impact confidence and self-esteem, but also potentially play on health and physical fitness which decreases as the years go by. If it is necessary to review the … Read more

Guerre en Ukraine. Plus de 260 soldats ukrainiens évacués d’Azovstal, combats dans l’est : les faits marquants de ce lundi

Guerre en Ukraine Plus de 260 soldats ukrainiens evacues dAzovstal

Les principales informations Après la Finlande, la Suède a annoncé ce lundi qu’elle va demander son adhésion à l’Otan. « Nous quittons une ère pour entrer dans une nouvelle », a déclaré la Première ministre Magdalena Andersson. Le président russe Vladimir Poutine a estimé que les adhésions des deux pays nordiques à l’Alliance atlantique ne … Read more