Jessica (Les 12 coups de midi): her shocking revelations about her illness

Jean-Luc Reichmann delights TF1 viewers every day by presenting his famous program “Les 12 coups de midi”. Every lunchtime, he welcomes new candidates who have come from afar to take part in the game. The moderator’s little tradition is to familiarize himself with the candidates and learn more about them. On May 16, 2022, the … Read more

“I wanted to talk to the public about it”: Marghe, winner of The Voice 2021 weighs heavily on the TF1 show

In May 2021, Marghe won season 10 of the famous show “The Voice” in front of 5.4 million viewers. This victory allowed the young woman, passionate about music, to sign with Universal Music and release his first single. Real name Margherita Davico’s life has changed since winning the trophy. She also came back to this … Read more

Married at first sight: Huge dispute between Emilie and Frédérick, what really happened will never be broadcast on TV!

A first couple argument then? In any case, the tension persists between Frédérick and Emilie because of what happened at the end of the last unpublished episode of “Married at first sight”, May 16, 2022. However, viewers were unable to see what happened as the footage was not released. Want to know what happened? Read … Read more

Marie-Sophie Lacarrau: a tense return to the 1 p.m. news (TF1) after months of absence

It has been a year since Marie-Sophie Lacarrau succeeded Jean-Pierre Pernaut. She now directs the JT 1 p.m. and seems very popular with viewers. Since she joined the newspaper, the journalist has never missed the call. However, due to a health problem, the young woman had to be absent for five months. She did not … Read more

Here is the best diet to lose weight: all about its health benefits

Today, we give you all the necessary explanations before starting the Paleo diet. Benefits, effects, we tell you everything! Better understand the Paleo diet As strange as it may seem, the name of this technique comes from a pivotal period in the past. And to fully understand it, you have to go back to prehistory. … Read more

Hélène Ségara reveals the secrets of her impressive weight loss

Time has no hold on Hélène Segara. The more the years pass, the more it seems to rejuvenate. What is his secret? We tell you everything! Hélène Ségara, finally reconciled with her image! Who remembers this first hit by Hélène Segara? At the material time, it was complicated to find your place in the sun. … Read more

Celine Dion, suffering: doubts about her impressive weight loss confirmed

Celine Dion: If the news given by her relatives, including her sister, is rather reassuring and wants to silence the craziest rumours, many are still wondering. How is she today? Has she lost weight again? One of her friends, Julie Snyder, finally gives her news. Discover them exclusively on Objeko! Celine Dion is sick, but … Read more

Large families: Mélanie Gonzalez has a “heart problem”, startling revelations about her serious illness

Large families Melanie Gonzalez has a heart problem startling revelations

Mélanie Gonzalez and her husband Frank have decided to follow in the footsteps of certain families by participating, they too, in the famous program “Familles grandes”. As a reminder, they are the happy parents of eight children. These make Frank and Mélanie happy. But in giving birth to the fourth baby, the mother of the … Read more

Inappropriate photo, Lie, Justine “Love is in the meadow” comments on her breakup with Vincent in a strange message

Inappropriate photo Lie Justine Love is in the meadow comments

We met them on the program “Love is in the meadow” broadcast on M6. Everything suggests that the couple was spinning the perfect love. This is obviously no longer the case, because they broke up. It was the farmer who took it upon himself to announce the bad news on his Instagram account. If Justine … Read more

Les 12 coups de midi: Paul El Kharrat finally reveals what he did with his winnings

Les 12 coups de midi Paul El Kharrat finally reveals

Paul is one of the greatest midday masters with 153 appearances in the TF1 game. A feat that has also allowed him to be very rich. Indeed, at 20, Paul was already at the head of 691,522 euros in cumulative winnings and gifts thanks to the show! If in his place many would have been … Read more