Allmart Distributing (distributor)

Allmart Distributing (map) is the leading beverage distributor of bottled waters, juices, iced teas, carbonated and non-carbonated soft drinks, and chilled beverages in the Greater Toronto Area.


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  1. I love Skinny Water and had one or more every day on a recent two-week motorcycle trip in the US. What retailers carry it in the GTA?

    • I don’t actually work for Skinny Water, but I am huge fan of their beverages too. I live in the Philadelphia area, so I’m not sure what retailers in the Greater Toronto Area carry Skinny Water. You could try contacting Allmart Distributung using their online contact form. Allmart distributes Skinny Water in the GTA, so naturally they must know which retailers there carry Skinny Water. You could also try contacting Skinny Nutritional Corp directly. Probably, your best bet is to post your question on Skinny Water’s facebook page. I frequently see facebook members post questions like yours, and the Skinny Water administrator or other facebook members answer them fairly promptly.

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