New York (where to buy)

  1. A&P Supermarket,
  2. Best Yet Market,
  3. BJ’s Wholesale Club,
  4. CVS Pharmacy,
  5. D’Agostinos,
  6. Dash’s Market,
  7. Delta Sonic Car Wash,
  8. Duane Reade,
  9. Fairway Market,
  10. Fine Fare,
  11. Five Below,
  12. Foodtown,
  13. The Food Emporium,
  15. GIANT®,
  16. Gristedes,
  17. King Kullen,
  18. Kings Supermarkets,
  19. MARTIN’S®,
  20. Morton Williams,
  21. Pathmark,
  22. Rite Aid,
  23. Price Chopper,
  24. Redner’s Markets,
  25. ShopRite,
  26. Stop & Shop,
  27. Target,
  28. TOPS Markets®,
  29. Waldbaum’s,
  30. Wegmans,
  31. Weis Markets,
  32. Wilson Farms

2 Responses

  1. Waldbaum’s and King Kullen are both out of stock.
    I do not have a BJ’s near me. Would Cosco have the item????

    • I don’t actually work for Skinny Water, but I am a huge fan of their beverages. You might find them in Costco. They are in Costco around here, Philly, but not every Costco carries Skinny Water, to the best of my knowledge. So I’m not really sure if Costco up in New York sells Skinny Water.

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